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How our computer vision expertise can help you and your little one sleep better tonight

LittleONE A.I. technology has been designed to track babies’s behaviors in realtime providing valuable data for parents and medical staff. LittleONE A.I. technology has been developed by Hoobox at JLABS@TMC, the Johnson and Johnson Innovation Lab and with partnership with Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo.

No-fixed camera

LittleONE A.I. can track the babies’ behaviors with the camera mounted in several positions.


LittleONE is the first A.I. solution to capture babies’s behaviors focused on the precision.

Cry detector

Hoobox developed the state of art in Machine Learning to capture babies’ crying behaviors.

Agitation and Sleep Status

LittleONE tracks agitation and sleep status in realtime providing valuable information to the parents.

Fast body and head position tracker

The LittleONE A.I. tracks the head and body position in realtime with a high accuracy.

No body sensors

No body sensors are involved to detect the behaviors.

If data is accurate, the notifications really matters •

Many applications in the market tried to capture agitation and body position of babies, but yet without the required precision. False positives and false negatives make the notifications a nightmare, not providing relevant information to the parents. LittleONE focus on delivering accurate detection.

With the provided accurate data, the LittleONE A.I. system shows tips and insights about how the parents should adjust the babies’ sleep routine so they can sleep better.

Our team will be glad to provide more information about our technology and solution.

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