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The World’s First Computer Vision-based Monitoring System for ICU •

SadiaX is the first ever computer program capable of detecting 10 level of pain and agitation levels of a patient. With only one camera mounted on the ICU bed, the SadiaX can track patients’ behaviors to ensure their safety and comfort. SadiaX A.I technology captures and manages pain and agitation level in realtime for any lighting condition.

Since 2018, SadiaX A.I. technology is deeply optimized for Intel® hardware.

SadiaX patient
Patient monitoring 24/7

Up to 55 min, the patient can be left unattended in ICU.

Agitation detection

SadiaX detects agitation in realtime. Patient agitation can drastically alter the diagnosis and course of medical treatment

10 level of pain detection

Assessment of Pain is difficult because most of the patients are almost sedated and unable to self-report. SadiaX was designed to detect pain like an expert and to replace the pain management manual forms.

Delivering valuable data to the specialists •

SadiaX tracks patients’ behaviors delivering valuable data to medical staff, intensivists, experts: patient’s bed stay time, unusual agitation, sedation level after medication, data about the patient’s comfort for pain management. SadiaX is a tech pathway to reduce length of stay and patient’s complications.

Hospitals, assisted living facilities, home-care facilities and other groups interested in the SadiaX can join our roadshow waiting list. Our team will be glad to provide more information about our technology and business model for the solution.

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