The Word’s First Face Recognition Specially Designed for Healthcare

Precision for telemedicine

State of the art in A.I. and Machine Learning for capturing human behaviors

Deeply optimized for detecting 10 level of pain, agitation and sedation levels in ICUs, assisted or medical facilities.

Facial Expressions for controlling everything

Technology captures 10 facial expressions in any lightning conditions and head position in less than 90 milliseconds. 

Main Products


Why the technology is unique

HOOBOX Technology was designed specially for healthcare applications.

  • High precision A.I. for capturing micro movements on the face
  • Optimized for several lighting conditions and for sensitive environments
  • Patients’ behavior-oriented technology
  • Realtime and anywhere inside medical facilities
  • 2D and 3D technologies

AI-leveraging products

Working in partnership with Intel, HOOBOX has released the Wheelie 7 at CES 2019, a piece of AI-leveraging kit that allows disabled people to control a motorized wheelchair though 10 facial expressions, from raising eyebrows to sticking out tongues.

Media Kit

Pictures, videos, and logos for press or publishing companies.

Face Points