#1 EM scanning on admission

Achieve high performance in nursing, in hospitality, in nutrition, in the surgical center

Digitalização hospitalar eliminando gargalos, falhas de comunicação e de rastreabilidade, com o Neonpass da HOOBOX.

Automate journeys like our customers

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On average, nursing requests saved
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In Assistance

Carry out screening of assistance and non-assistance requests from hospitalized patients, generating a reduction in nursing load and an increase in NPS.

For the patient

All hospital services digitized on the patient's smartphone or tablet


Receive orders digitally, without phone calls, intermediaries and failures


Saves 75% time in intermediating requests such as water, tray removal, maintenance issues

Increase in NPS

Quick resolutions to requests, increasing patient NPS


of requests without nursing intervention


Average satisfaction of patients using the solution


Time to make a diet release request

The revolution of the day in the operating room

Neste módulo do Neonpass, eliminamos atrasos nos procedimentos e otimizamos o giro de sala. Garanta que todos saibam where, when and where must be in place to avoid delays and failures.

Comunicação eficiente da sala cirúrgica e área demandada

Efficient communication between the operating room and the required area

Agenda do centro cirúrgico integrada

Integrated surgical center schedule

Indicação de lateralidade e integração com sistemas de terceiros

Indication of laterality and integration with third-party systems

Escalonamento hierárquico de pedidos

Hierarchical order scheduling

Agendamento x Tempo real

Scheduling x Real Time

Usabilidade e interação em todos os módulos

Usability and interaction in all modules

At check-in

Know when your patients or visitors will arrive, and where they are at the moment: Check-in, Assistance and Emergency.

Have you thought about the entire integrated journey?

This is how Neonpass works.

A single bus with different modules, digitizing and connecting journeys

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Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

2023 Gartner Eye of Innovation Awards


Excelência no atendimento e eficiência operacional


Excelência no atendimento e eficiência operacional

Neonpass Room

Solution Brief HOOBOX e Intel

"Neonpass Room achieved an extraordinary ROI of 1000%"

Claudia Laselva

Director of the Morumbi Hospital Unit and Care Practices

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